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  • Crunchy Seitan Fritters with
    garlic yogurt (V) 8,50€
  • Sweet Potatoes with aioli (L,G) 6,50€
  • Saffron focaccia and manakish bread with tirosalata, red hummus 7€
  • Halloumi fries, garlic yogurt and
    orange jam 8,50€
  • Guru´s Falafel, tzatziki and marinated red onion (L,G) 7,50€
  • Warm Brie cheese, rosemary, garlic,
    orange jam and focaccia 10,50€
  • Feta Spinach rolls, tzatziki and marinated red onion 8,50€
  • Chicken wings Korean style and aioli  (L) 7€
  • Thai style King prawns, lemon mayo
    with saffron focaccia (L) 11€
  • Rack of lamb, fried beans and
    aioli (LG) 9,50€
  • Lamb meatballs, chili tomato sauce with crème fraiche (L,G) 8€
  • Braised pork cheek, red cabbage with
    date and apple pyre (L,G) 9€

Meze set

Meze Vegan 15€ (V): Seitan fritters and red hummus, tabbouleh, vegan cheese,
chic pea stew braised in black tea, vegan tzatziki, saffron focaccia.

Meze Veggie 15€: Guru´s falafel, tirosalata, halloumi cheese, tzatziki, salad, pome grenade,
olives, avocado hummus, saffron focaccia.

Meze Fish 16€ (L): Deep fried cod, citrus mayo, king prawn, wakame, salad,
couscous, hummus and saffron focaccia.

House Specials

Guru´s verde salad (LL) 18,90€

Served with manakish bread, fresh salad, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onion, pulled duck, chevre mousse with orange.

La Mancha (L) 17,50€

Pita bread, chili tomato sauce, garlic yogurt, avocado hummus,
marinated red onion and sweet potatoes.
Filling of your choice; Seitan or Chickenkebab.

Karditsa (L) 26€

Rack of lamb, tabbouleh, fried beans, sweet potatoes, tzatziki and red hummus.

Le Burger (L) 17,50€

Hamburger with pulled duck, chili tomato sauce, marinated red cabbage,
sweet potatoes, hummus and aioli.

Butter chicken (L)19€

Butter chicken, coconut turmeric crepe, tabbouleh, marinated cabbage,
garlic yogurt and orange orange jam.

To share:

Guru´s platter 52€

Braised pork cheeks, red cabbage with date and apple pyre, Guru´s Falafel and tabbouleh, Halloumi salad, Chic pea stew braised in black tea with garlic yogurt, Deepfried cod, Hummus Trio, Parsnip with saffron focaccia.

Veggie platter 38€

Chic pea stew braised in black tea served with couscous, feta spinach rolls, tzatziki and marinated red onion, Jackfruit sliders, hummus, sweet potatoes, saffron focaccia.

Fish (G) 60€

Please note; preparing this course takes 30 minutes. Whole Cod roasted in oven, filled with spinach and lemon, parsnip, salad, fried beans, citrus mayo and avocado salsa.


Sweet Guru

Treviso (V) 8,50€

Tiramisu served with berries.

Pecan pie (VL) 9,50€

Warm pecan pie served with old times vanilla ice cream.

Coucher du soleil (V,G) 8,50€

Semifreddo seasoned with Cointreau, meringue, orange caramel sauce.


Every bowl is served with couscous, ginger carrots, salad and manakish bread.

Vegan (V): Chic pea stew braised in black tea, falafel, avocado hummus,
hummus, vegan tzatziki. 17,90€

Meat (VL): Braised pork cheek, halloumi cheese, hummus,
red hummus, garlic yogurt. 18,90€

Guru-Suomi sanakirja

Manakishleipä= pizzan kaltainen leipä Lähi-Idästä. Leipä sivellään Zaátar mausteseoksella
Harissa= tulista chilimaustetta
Tirosalata = feta- ja tuorejuustosta valmistettu kreikkalainen levite
Vegetzi = vegaaninen tzatsiki
Stifado = Kreikkalainen lammaspata. Valmistukseen käytetään mm. tomaattia, fetajuustoa ja kanelia
Semifreddo = italialainen jäädyke
Punainen hummus = kikherneistä, tahinista ja aurinkokuivatusta tomaatista valmistettu tahna

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See more!

For more pictures, news and contests follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

Guru’s story

The origin of Guru’s legend is a mystery. We know that he has traveled for decades around the world to explore the culinary secrets of different cultures. After numerous tasty excursions, Guru, in his great wisdom, wanted to share the secrets he had learned.

Step in together or alone, from gray day to colorful Guru’s kitchen to enjoy, for example freshly prepared, steamy saffron cheesecake. You can also find exotic flavors from a pair of fresh and sensual cocktails (even after sunset).

Guru rejoices the existence of different diets and welcomes everyone on the journey, crossing the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary triumphs.

-Guru’s apprentices


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